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Recent Cases: as of June 2014

Cox and Powers, PA has successfully represented clients in a variety of injury related matters as well as criminal defense and appeals.

Workers' Compensation: Attorney Jennifer E. Cox represented a client in a claim for total and permanent disability. Insurer conceded that the client was disabled under the provision of M.G.L ch. 152, sec 34A – permanently and totally disabled. Settlement of the client's case resulted in a $140,000.00 award.

Dram Shop: Attorney Leslie Powers represented a client who was the passenger in a motor vehicle of drunk driver (who was uninsured). Attorney Powers sued the establishment that served alcohol to the impaired driver. A favorable settlement was reached prior to trial.

Personal Injury: Attorney Jennifer Cox successfully represented and settled a personal injury case involving a cyclist struck by a car. Client received compensation for personal injuries sustained from the driver and the client's underinsurance policy.

Court finding overturned: The Massachusetts Appeals court overturned a district court’s finding of a violation of probation for committing a specific criminal act. Attorney Powers successfully argued that the defendant did not commit the crime charged, which was the only basis of violation of probation. Therefore, the violation was overturned on appeal.

False positive drug tests: Both Attorney Cox and Attorney Powers have vigorously defended clients that have been charged with failing to remain drug free while on probation. Both attorneys have successfully argued that the tests performed by the probation department were improperly used as a basis of violation.

Personal injury: Attorney Powers achieved a six figure settlement for a woman seriously injured in a car accident. The case was complicated by the fact that the client was a driver. Liability was hotly contested. Attorney Powers was successful in persuading the insurer of their potential exposure during the mediation stage of the case.

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